The Swiss Knife in Bangladesh Saved a Little Girl

Often we remember scenes from historical films where a hero or fighter prepares for a fight by making a knife or sword. By seeing such scenes.

we have imagined ourselves swiss knife in bangladesh in that position and have thought about blacksmithing, making weapons and fighting. But do we have to be a hero or a fighter to make a knife, which is one of the most used tools in life?

Sword, knife and such weapons have long been part of the important tools of human life to provide needs such as security and food preparation. Even today, we need a variety of knives.

to do many things, from cooking to hunting and even making some tools. In this article, we introduce the best steel for making knives.

The best metal for making knives
Knowing that a knife is one of the most important and widely used tools needed by humans, this question arises in the mind that what is the best type of metal for making knives.

and on what basis are suitable metals for making knives chosen?

Cutting power and sharpness are the most important factors in choosing a suitable knife. But to achieve this factor, we must use the best metals in the design and manufacture of knives.

This is because parameters such as edge geometry, hardness, toughness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, in addition to the beautiful and attractive appearance.

are among the most important factors in determining the properties of the metal suitable for making knives, therefore, choosing metals that have a combination.

of properties and parameters Having the mentioned are very effective in making a high quality knife.

A metal with low strength, hardness and toughness cannot be reduced in thickness to any desired size and has no suitable edge design.

Also, wear resistance and corrosion resistance guarantee the stability and durability of a knife, both in terms of sharpness and in terms of maintaining the quality of the body and its properties.