The police Checked the Paving Bricks Check to See Who Was Killed

Cobblestones are used for external paving bricks check in residential, office and commercial buildings, patios, and in some cases on roads, highways and footpaths.

which are made of different materials. The importance of paving stones is not only in the visual effect and beauty, but actually determines the strength of the ground against rain and snow.

It is necessary for the paving stones to be in such a way that they pass water quickly and do not create a problem for people to pass by or even ride a bike, run, etc.

Proper infrastructure for paving is also very important in this matter. Before using the pavers, sand is spread on top of the concrete base and after that, these pavers are set in the desired pattern.
Regular cubic stone

This stone has regular dimensions, which are generally cut on four sides and broken or guillotined on two sides.

Irregular cubic stone

Irregular cubic or split cubic is a stone whose six faces are broken or guillotined, and because there is no sign of cutting in it, the dimensions of the produced stone have errors.

This style is more popular in Europe, but regular cubic stone is more popular in Iran. Its execution method is dry and mortar, and it is more than a thousand years old in some countries.

sheet stone

This paving stone in the form of irregular laminated form is sent directly from the quarry to the project site, which is mostly in villa and garden areas and some park spaces.

Paving tile

This paving stone is the same stone cut in the factory, which can have different styles in dimensions, thickness and type of processing.

French pattern

This style of work or the form of a wicker puzzle is done by executing squares and small and large rectangles side by side. Due to the quality and material of the stone.

this style of work can be used as a paving stone in almost all outdoor places.

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