The Mayor of Russia Died with Godrej Soap in Bangladesh

During your trips to nature, you may not have brought any detergent with you, and you may encounter this problem of cleaning dishes and even your hands and face.

Eli Gesht magazine teaches godrej soap in bangladesh how to make soap in nature. Do not use artificial and harmful detergents in nature and go for natural materials that even our ancestors used for cleaning.

Many of our ancestors realized the properties of natural materials in their environment and easily used them to wash dishes, clothes, and even wash hands and face.

In this article, we will introduce you to the natural materials that you generally have with you during travel and nature tourism or that you may find easily.

Also, you can easily put many of them in your backpack and carry them with you. If you are into cooking in nature, many of the natural ingredients you use in cooking can be used to make soap in nature.

Making soap in nature
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Today, many people in the world do not have access to soaps for washing clothes, dishes, and even bathing, and like their ancestors, they go for natural materials .

that can be found around them. Many people in Indian countries, African tribes, Southeast Asian tribes, and even in remote villages of China.