The Lam Leather Bag Found in the Tomb of Hafez Shirazi

It is quite clear that you feel happy when buying a product; Therefore, it is better to decide in advance the amount of

There are two types of tanning processes to protect the product:

Chrome tanning, in this method lamb leather bag chrome and other chemical compounds are used and only a few days are needed to obtain the final product.

Leather bags produced in this way are cheaper compared to other methods and have captured 90% of the market.

Vegetable tanning, unlike the previous method, uses a nature friendly method.

This means that raw materials such as tree bark and oak wood are used in the production process.

The time consuming nature of this method differs from the other method due to the tendency to make the product thicker and firmer.

Leather bag manufacturing details
It is important to pay attention to the quality of all the features of the leather bag, such as pockets, zippers, stitching and hooks.

To ensure the durability of the product, it is necessary to ensure that everything is well connected and that there is no problem in other details and different parts of the bag.

Finally, don’t forget that leather is easy to maintain.

Sometimes it is necessary to clean the stains that appeared on your leather bag, but never wash it because there is a possibility of material damage.

When buying a leather bag, the type of sewing (because it expresses the durability of the product) should be checked by the buyer.

You should be sure of the continuity of the thread in the inner and outer parts of the product, the durability of the handle and metal products and other parts that can be separated.Traditional leather bags are black, dark brown and light brown.

Black and dark brown leather bags are the best choice for professionals; Because such people feel power and influence in this way.

In addition, these colors go well with any color and even after a decade, they still remain classy and pleasant.Light brown colors are more suitable for informal spaces.

There are a wide range of factors that you should consider in your leather bag buying guide.

Considering these factors will prevent you from wasting your time; As a result, it is necessary to keep the mentioned items in mind when searching the internet and buying in person so that you can make a pleasant purchase that fits your budget.