The Increase in the Price of White Truffle Mushroom Due to the Lack of Plant Fertilizer

What are the necessary capital and equipment for mushroom cultivation?
Usually, the initial capital for semi industrial cultivation is estimated at 200 to 300 million or even more for every 100 square meters with a height of 4 meters, suitable equipment and a few workers.

Of course, if you don’t have such capital to start with, there is no need to worry at all. You can experience a profitable home business by learning how to grow white truffle mushroom at home.

Mushroom cultivation training in Isfahan is generally done in two ways: small units or large industries.

You might be surprised to know that about 50% of the consumed mushrooms are produced through these small units.

To train mushroom cultivation in Isfahan, you need a program. It is very important to have an educational and practical program.


Full knowledge of the process of growing mushrooms will make you get the most out of your investment in this field.

You can get the necessary information to do this by participating in the mushroom cultivation training courses of Sapid Kusheh Company. In addition, you can get a valid certificate from the Agricultural Jihad.

Growing mushrooms in Isfahan is welcomed by many people because it requires little investment and gives results in the shortest possible time.

Many mushroom producers in Isfahan have started their work from a space of about 30 to 40 meters or even smaller.

To grow mushrooms in Isfahan, you don’t need special agricultural information and you can easily access the information you need by taking a short term course.

In addition to meeting the domestic production needs, you can also export some of your production.

Iran exports about 1800 tons of mushrooms to foreign countries every year.