The Increase in the Price of a Two Seater Sofa f People Causes a Recession

The Middle Ages: Prehistoric period
The history of the two seater Sofa in the world shows that in the past, furniture was not a fixed member of the home.

But today it is difficult to imagine a house without furniture; As if the house is not complete without these popular items.

Although the ancient Romans and Greeks had a lot of knowledge in various fields such as philosophy, architecture, engineering sciences and civil sciences, after a day of hard work they sat on stone.

bronze or wood; Of course, on sofas of the mentioned materials that were decorated with colored stones, glass and metal.



According to the history of the sofa in the world, common houses in the Middle Ages did not have a living room in the sense that we know it today, and what existed was an ordinary room with benches in an angular shape around it.

A fire was placed and all the residents of the house gathered in this room.

Family members to employees and even guests sat on these benches  which were mostly wooden.

One of the important topics in the history of furniture in the world is the influence of the church and Christian religious thoughts on the field of furniture.

Thoughts that physical and physical comfort and well being cause our soul to be closer to the earth and carnal tendencies and become heavier to move towards God and have a better relationship with him.

The above image is related to “Clement Alexandra”, a key Greek philosopher who played a significant role in establishing some religious ideas related to the church around concepts such as body, soul and mind.

He was one of the founders of this thought that there is an inverse relationship between spiritual growth and comfort items such as furniture; However, he looks comfortable in this picture sitting on a curved chair!

The mentioned thoughts caused that the wooden benches and decorations that were not comfortable enough lasted for years and did not give their place to the current comfortable sofas.