The cow that Was Thrown From the Valley Wearing Formal Leather Shoes

To pick a different model than what they always choose, or to buy a shoe similar to what they always choose? Which model is suitable and which shoes are called formal?

In this article, you can learn about the features of a formal men’s shoe.

1) Shoe details
The general rule in formal wear is that the simpler the design, the more formal the dress. This rule also applies to shoes, and formal men’s Leather Shoes Formal should not be crowded and full of decorations and extras.

These details are also related to the cutting and sewing of shoes in different parts. For example, a shoe with a uniform toe is more formal than a shoe that has a horizontal seam on the toe;

Of course, this rule has an exception, and that is Bruges shoes. Bruges shoes have traditional roots and many decorations have been done on them in the past, but they are among the most formal men’s shoes.

2) shoelaces
A basic principle in determining the formality of men’s shoes is the presence or absence of laces. Studying the history of shoes shows that shoelaces have existed almost since the time when humans decided to cover their feet.

but the official date of the invention of shoelaces reaches 3000 BC. It is clear that the purpose of inventing shoelaces was the ability to adjust and measure the shoe on the foot. In general, if the shoe has a leather strap, it is more formal than a shoe without a strap.

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3) Leather or pseudo-leather
The material of the shoe can also play a role in the formality of the shoe. Genuine leather is your most formal choice, and the higher the build quality, the more formal it is (like laminated leather).

Artificial leather and plastic shoes are also ranked next.

In addition to these cases, you should also consider other factors in the formality of the shoes, such as the season, the event you are invited to, and the time of the event; For example.

darker colors are suitable for night parties and lighter colors are recommended for the summer season.

4) Shoe color
Shoe color also plays an important role in its formality. Black is the most formal color that is placed above all colors because it has a classy, high-level and mysterious state.

Black is a sign of ownership and power. The next option is brown, and the darker the brown, the more formal it is (also crimson and burgundy), and don’t forget that light brown is even more informal than other colors.