Subcompact tractor sinking in the sea of Oman

Early gasoline tractors
Some factory owners predicted that in the future there would be a greater demand for suitable mechanical power to work in the field, especially in wheat-growing areas. They started making gasoline tractors even before the end of the 19th century. In 1892.

a gasoline tractor was released to the market. Also, according to reports, a gasoline tractor was used in North Dakota in the United States in 1897.

But in 1902 AD, a model of gasoline tractor named Hart-Par tractor was released to the market. These hardworking heavy machines have been the forerunner of the tractor industry as it is today. After 1905, this growing trend continued to move at a very rapid pace.
These early tractors usually consisted of a large single-cylinder gasoline engine mounted on a heavy chassis, which in turn rested on four wheels (chassis here meaning the holding mechanism for other implements).

The two rear wheels were connected to the engine crank by a series of heavy gears and made the car a car.
These tractors, like steam tractors, were heavy, laborious and powerful, and in fact seemed to have been built solely to replace the earlier tractors. But they also had advantages.

For example, it was easier to move fuel in them.

they carried kettle water, and they required less attention and time during work. So that usually one person alone was able to control the biggest type of them.

Light tractors:
Around 1910, designers turned their attention to the possibility of producing a smaller gasoline tractor that could meet the demands of grain farmers and ranchers in providing mechanical power.

As a result, some tractors were seen in the market around 1913. cheapest sub compact tractor which were relatively light in weight, but they were very different in terms of structure and appearance. In most cases, these tractors were equipped with two or four cylinder engines.
By 1915, farmers were faced with an astonishing variety of tractor models and sizes. From gigantic single-cylinder or two-cylinder four-wheel tractors to a tractor attachment for small cars.

the competition was very hot and many exotic machines were sold, some of which failed and others were successful.
The period of strange tractors was short. In such a way that many of them disappeared from the market until 1917.

and far-sighted designers realized that there are certain principles and duties that should be paid attention to in tractor design.

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