Strengthen Your Memory by Consuming Red Mango Fruit Daily

The properties of mango for health
Next, we mention the properties of red mango fruit for the body.

1. It is rich in antioxidants
Mangoes are rich in polyphenols which are plant compounds that act as antioxidants.

This fruit contains different types of antioxidants, including mangiferin catechin anthocyanin quercetin, kaempferol, benzoic acid etc.

Antioxidants are very important for the body because they protect cells from free radical damage. Free radicals are compounds that damage cells.

Various researches have established a link between free radical damage and signs of aging and chronic diseases. Among the polyphenols found in mangoes mangiferin is the most famous and is sometimes even called a “super antioxidant” because it is particularly powerful.

Laboratory and animal studies have concluded that mangiferin may fight free radicals that are associated with various cancers, diabetes and other diseases.

2. It reduces the risk of heart disease
Reducing the risk of heart disease is another property of mango.

Including mango in a balanced diet can help reduce body fat and control blood sugar levels. This fruit contains potassium and magnesium which may reduce the risk of heart disease.

An academic study concluded that magnesium intake may improve heart health. Potassium also acts as a vasodilator and may reduce pressure on blood vessels and improve heart function.

Mango is a rich source of beta-carotene.

Carotenoids may reduce the risk of heart disease by preventing cholesterol oxidation in the arteries.

The results of a university study on rats showed that mangiferin reduces blood cholesterol levels. It was also shown in this study that mangiferin supplements increase the level of good cholesterol (HDL).

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