Snakes are scattered in all parts of the world

The place and origin of the appearance of snakes is not completely and precisely clear.

Snakes are scattered in all parts of the world except tricot fabric in the two poles, Iceland, Ireland and New Zealand.

Many stories have been told from generation to generation about poisonous reptiles and their possible danger and the consequences of snake bites, and this has added to people’s fear of this beautiful and spotted creature.

Despite this, most zoo visitors show great interest in wall mounted closet height from floor watching and identifying these unpleasant creatures.

The age of the oldest medical notes prepared in this case reaches 1600 years before Christ, which is related to the ancient Egyptians.

It seems that the method of identifying poisonous animals and treating their bites first developed in this country and then spread to Greece and from there to the Roman Empire.

The new treatment methods for the bites of these animals follow the treatment methods of the old medicine and complement it.

There are approximately 2400 known snakes, of which 400 are poisonous. Most snakes prefer tropical and tropical places to live.

In terms of the abundance of different softener dispenser in lg washing machine snake species in the world, the continents of Australia, Africa, America, Asia and Europe can be named respectively.

The existence of snakes in fields and fields causes the destruction of mice, worms and various insects, and in this way, it effectively helps to increase agricultural products.

If the losses caused by snake bites are compared with the snakes in the philippines losses caused by other animals and diseases, it will be insignificant.

In most countries of the world, there are public and private sectors for buying and selling and exchanging snakes or their venom.

In Iran, in the last few years, the government institute of Razi serum and vaccine production, in order to prepare anti-snake venom and anti-serum required by the country, has trained and familiarized local snake catchers with the correct method of catching, keeping and transporting snakes, and every year a number of snakes He buys for this purpose.

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