Price Reduction Oyster Mushroom Per Kg in India

Today we will explain to you how to grow button oyster mushroom per kg in india at home and we will tell you how you can grow button mushrooms at home, so stay with us.

Mushrooms can be grown at home regardless of the weather and humidity, and of course the soil must be suitable. So, if you have a suitable place to grow this edible plant in your home.

it is better to increase your income now.

The only feature of mushroom cultivation is that due to the small size of the environment, the mushrooms obtained are of better quality, which can be sold at a higher price than supermarkets.

Growing mushrooms at home:
In general, the way of growing mushrooms is its own, and it can be grown in a dark environment and tolerates any amount of light except for direct sunlight.

In any case, in the place of growing mushrooms, in addition to air conditioning, the air temperature of the growing environment should also be kept between 10 15 degrees.

otherwise you cannot grow mushrooms. Keep it very way. In addition, the breeding place must be completely clean, washable and free of seams or a place for the breeding of harmful bacteria, insects and fungi.

To plant and grow mushrooms at home, first choose the type of mushroom you want to grow and then start growing mushrooms.

Planting oyster, white button and shiitake mushrooms at home is very, very simple. The method of planting all three types of mushrooms is the same, but they have different planting beds.

Oyster mushrooms grow best in straw and coffee grounds, shiitake mushrooms in dry tree tops, and button mushrooms in compost. In fact, the different planting substrate shows the .

different nutritional needs of each type of mushroom. Of course, all three types of mushrooms can be easily planted in a bed of straw or straw. If you use straw, make sure that the wood you use is healthy.

Choosing the type of mushroom to plant is to choose its taste. Therefore, choose the mushroom that you consume yourself and that you are more interested in its taste to plant in your home.

Grow one species of mushroom for your own trial and evaluation as a mushroom grower at home. You should grow that mushroom as you are interested in eating it.