One Truck Bricks of Cement was Lost in a Road Accident

Brick is one of the building materials that is made in the form of blocks of clay and other materials and is used in the construction of walls and other parts of the structure under construction.

Mortar is used to stack and connect one truck bricks to each other. Among building materials, brick is of interest in two ways:

Fire resistance
Different and different sizes
History of bricks
When the mud found next to the stoves of early humans was cooked by fire and became stronger than other mud

they learned to bake mud and make bricks.

The art of using bricks has been transferred from West Asia to Egypt, India and other parts of the world. In Iran, the remains of brick kilns have been observed in Sush and Silk hills of Kashan.

which are more than 6000 years old. In the construction of the Tower of Babel, making clay and baking bricks was invented by the Babylonians.

and for this reason, the name of brick, which is a Babylonian word, is known by the same name in most languages. After this stage, the baking of bricks was developed by the Chaldeans.

and with the appearance of bricks, there was a change in the construction of buildings that were made of clay and mud until then.

As a result of this, the construction of solid and brick buildings began. Hand-made brick (pressed brick) has been used for seven thousand years to strengthen and beautify palaces.

places of worship, schools, mosques and buildings.

Application cases of bricks
Use in foundations and load-bearing walls (proper compressive strength)
Porcelain blade and facade (resistance to temperature and humidity)
Use in flooring (suitable abrasion resistance)
Implementation of wide openings in the form of arches, vaults and domes (small dimensions, easy to carry and use)
Application of bricks in facade construction
Application of bricks in facade construction
The use of bricks in flooring
The use of bricks in flooring
Advantages of using bricks
Affordable (raw materials are easily available)
Hard and durable
Compressive strength for normal construction
Different directions and sizes create different textures
Demolition of brick structures is very easy and takes less time
Reusable and recyclable
Very fire resistant
It creates less environmental pollution during the production process