Milky Mushroom in Kerala Increase in China

The width of the rearing room should be such that you can easily pass through the corridors that are built for it. (about 70 cm) The width of the mushroom.

growing beds is also considered milky mushroom in kerala to be 180 cm maximum so that the middle of the mushroom bed can be accessed from both sides, and if the mushroom.

growing beds are next to the wall, the width is set to a maximum of 90 cm. Mushrooms can also be grown in wooden boxes measuring 60 x 90 cm and 20 to 25 cm deep. Sorting is usually done during the breeding room.

There should not be a floor on the ground, the minimum distance between the first floor and the floor is 15 cm and the distance between each floor is 60 cm.

Usually, only three floors are considered for growing mushrooms at home, and if the room is wide enough, one row is placed along the length of the room adjacent to the wall.

, and one floor (double-sided) is placed in the middle and one floor is placed on the other side of the room, so that two 70 cm wide corridor on both sides of the middle floor, 180 cm.

How to prepare fertilizer
If the mushroom growing place is limited and small, the amount of fertilizer needed is proportional. Therefore, it is preferable to build a concrete area of 1.5 meters and consider .

a place next to it for the exit of excess fertilizer water, so that the waste water can be put into a bucket or a small concrete tank of 40 centimeters. The bottom of the main tank.

is covered with straw with a thickness of 15 cm, and on the surface of the straw, a box with dimensions of one meter made of thick wire mesh with a network of holes of 0.5 cm is placed.

so that it is 25 cm away from the concrete tank wall on each side and around He filled this net with straw and added fertilizer inside the net.

Preparation of substrate for growing mushrooms

The best material for growing mushrooms is horse manure and straw. To prepare fertilizer for growing mushrooms, mix some horse manure and straw and store it in suitable dimensions .

of about 3 meters and beat them together well. to be condensed so as to prevent the penetration of rain into it. After a short period of time.

fermentation starts inside the manure mass and the temperature of the manure environment rises. You can also add some lime about one-fifth of the wide volume to it before piling the fertilizer and mix it completely. Then he piled it up.