Keep Running Longer with Casual Leather Shoes

Caring for casual leather shoes and cleaning them may seem difficult to many people, but leather shoes are actually durable when they have loyal owners who treat them gently after each wear.

Proper care of leather shoes (whether dress shoes, boots, or casual sneakers) really boils down to two main and important concepts: keeping them clean and keeping them dry.

If you have leather shoes at home, you definitely need a leather shoe maintenance guide. In this article from Amshaspand magazine, we examined this issue comprehensively and briefly. If your leather shoes need saving, it is better not to neglect this article.

A guide to maintaining leather shoes

There are many different ways to clean and care for leather shoes, the best ones are:

A guide to maintaining leather shoes

1. Don’t wear your leather shoes every day

Leather needs to breathe just like human skin. You should always try to have at least two pairs of shoes for different environments so that you don’t have to wear the same pair every day. Your feet usually sweat during the day and leather shoes absorb this moisture.

Wet leather is more prone to stretching, scratching, folding and staining. Wearing them every other day will give them enough time to dry and significantly increase the life of your shoes.

A guide to maintaining leather shoes

2. Clean them after every wear

3. Remove leather shoes with a piece of cut wood in them

Having a special piece of cedar or spruce wood is perhaps the most important part of shoe care and is usually a step that is greatly overlooked. Leather has a porous texture, so it strongly absorbs moisture and any odor and eventually causes its decomposition and corrosion damage.

A piece of cedar wood or spruce absorbs this moisture and odor, and at the same time maintains the proper shape of the shoe and prevents it from wrinkling and deforming. By doing this alone, you can dramatically increase the life of your shoes.

A guide to maintaining leather shoes

4. Avoid wearing leather shoes in bad weather

It should go without saying, if possible, try to avoid wearing leather shoes when it’s raining and try not to cross sidewalks covered in salt and snow in the winter.

Water can severely stain and disfigure even waterproof leather shoes, and leather soles become more vulnerable to abrasive surfaces like concrete when wet.

If you have to wear leather shoes in rainy and snowy weather, it is better to wear a pair of galoshes to protect them from possible damage.

In fact, we recommend keeping a pair of overshoes in your home and car for any sensitive footwear, and this will greatly help them last longer.

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