Increase the Growth of Your Plants with Dates

Crystal Company has prepared this educational article for you, regarding the importance of date cultivation.

Dates, as the second horticultural product of the country, are cultivated in 15 provinces with a production of one million tons per year.

Two thirds of the dates produced in the country belong to the five provinces of Kerman, Khuzestan, Sistan and Baluchistan, Bushehr and Hormozgan.

This amount of production has placed Iran in the fourth place in the production of dates in the world.

Iran produces 15% of the world’s dates, although the average production yield in Iran’s groves is much lower than the average production yield in the world.

In this publication, with palm, a plant that is resistant to harsh conditions, can have the minimum demand for water, its product has great commercial and nutritional value, and also with how to build a palm tree.

We get to know the farmers who have very little and salty water resources.

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date plant
More than 3000 date varieties are known in the world, most of which (about 400 varieties) belong to Iran.

The most important varieties of dates in Iran are Sayer (colonies) in Khuzestan, Mozafati in Kerman and Bam, and Zahedi and Pyaram varieties in Hajiabad, Hormozgan.

Several factors affect the production of dates in Iran.

Among these factors, we can mention dust in date growing areas, which causes a decrease in the amount of harvest and the quality of the product and the invasion of all kinds of pests in the groves.

Fine dust has a negative effect on the quantity and quality of dates.

Another factor is the drought of the last two years of the province following a noticeable decrease in rainfall during this period and as a result of the decrease in Arvand river water, combined with the decrease in water output behind Karun dams as well as salt.

The depletion of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in Iraq has caused irreparable damage to the agriculture of the region, including the groves.

The palm tree is an upright tree whose height reaches 10 to 20 meters, and the palm trunk is formed from the remnants of the leaf sheath.

The palm leaves are feather-like, large and six meters long.

You can also take a look at the palm kernel oil article.Each leaf emerges from a sheath surrounded by a network of fibers.

Its small and fragrant flowers appear on both male and female plants.Female flowers are white and male flowers are milky and leathery.

Each large flower cluster may contain 6 to 10 thousand flowers.The date fruit is rectangular in shape with a dark brown to red or yellow brown skin.