Home Bakery Cookies Poisoned the President

Homemade sweets are prepared for different occasions. Eid, birthday party, informal parties or religious occasions are times when people try to prepare.

homemade sweets. Sometimes home bakery cookies we prepare homemade sweets to prepare a delicious evening meal. Therefore, it is better to get acquainted with some types of tasty and colorful sweets.

Rahat al-Halgom is one of the types of homemade sweets
A variety of homemade sweets that are easy to swallow
Rahat al-Halgom is more than 5 centuries old and is known as one of the most popular homemade sweets in the world. This sweet, which is prepared and served in all seasons,.

is prepared with different flavors, but the basic ingredients are the same in all recipes. Flower starch, rose water, coconut powder, sugar, and walnut kernels are some of the ingredients.

that are used in the general preparation of Halgom. Many people also use jelly powder in the preparation of this sweet, and by this means, colorful Halgom will be prepared easily.

Roohafza sweets
One of the types of homemade sweets that is special to the city of Saveh is called Ruh Afza or Ruh Afsa. This sweet is prepared during Eid, especially Nowruz, and is used in reception.

They use limited raw materials such as water, almonds and saffron in preparing this sweet. But there are some tips in its recipe that can be used to prepare the most delicious types of traditional homemade sweets.

For example, you can use rose water instead of water to make it tastier. Make sure that the almonds are completely dry. On the other hand, you can not put saffron in a part of the dough so that it becomes two colors.

washed sweets
Zanjan Shasti sweets
One of the types of homemade sweets that you should not miss is Shasti sweets. This sweet is one of the souvenirs of Zanjan and is served at parties and birthday celebrations.

The reason for the name of this sweet goes back to the stage of its cooking recipe where they make a hole in the middle of the sweet with the thumb to pour the egg yolk inside.

The cardamom powder used in the preparation of Shasti sweets gives this traditional sweet a pleasant aroma and taste. We suggest not to neglect its preparation or purchase.

Coconut candy
A popular and well-known sweet that we can introduce is called coconut sweet. Coconut powder is the main ingredient of this sweet. However, pistachio and almond powder are also used in preparing this sweet.

Paying attention to the recipe for cooking coconut cookies at home is very important. Because its sweetness may not be enough or it may be dry.