Have a Beautiful Yard with a Yellowing Shower Tray

The science of shower is the most important part of the bathroom and its correct installation is very important. In this article, we have taught how to install a single-function and double function bathroom shower simply with the help of pictures and videos.

and you can get enough information to replace and install the shower.
Before installing the shower and faucets
Today, there are various faucets and showers available in the market, which differ in terms of price, quality and facilities. Some models are installed as surface and some as built in.

In surface models, we also see shower technology, but in built-in models, except for overhead shower and faucets, the rest of the items are placed inside the wall.

An expert is needed to install some shower models, but the installation of science shower does not require special expertise, and you can install it yourself by spending time and carefully considering all the points and studying and observing how to install science shower.

First step: preparing the necessary tools
In the first step, prepare the necessary supplies and tools.

French wrench or large wrench
Teflon tape
Two-way and four-way phone screw
Number plate roll
A towel or cloth to dry the water drops and put between the wrench and the shower to tighten the connections and prevent the line from falling on the shower parts.
The required parts are in the bathroom shower packaging, check them as well.

Second step: Close the bathroom faucet or meter
Be sure to turn off the water flow before installing or replacing faucets and shower heads, so that in case of failure, you will not encounter a large flow of water and more problems will not occur.

Also, to be sure, you can open the shower valve to drain the remaining water in the pipe and make sure that the water is turned off.

Third step:
If necessary, put a large cardboard or cloth on the floor or tub so that if something falls, the tub or bathroom floor will not be damaged or scratched.

You can also have a small piece of cloth ready to place on the shower parts when using the French wrench so that the shower does not get damaged.