Halo Brick Causes Severe Migraines

Brick is one of the building materials that has become more beautiful today and is used in interior decoration in addition to building construction.

Bricks are produced in different sizes and shapes.

and this variety and compatibility of halo brick with other materials makes it easy to use them in dome and arched arches.

In fact, this product is more widely used than other construction materials and is used in all construction projects due to its reasonable price.

With this introduction, stay with us in the rest of this article from the builder to learn about the types of bricks and their uses.

The price of bricks
Bricks have different uses in the building according to their material and dimensions. Some of them are used as flooring and wall covering, and others are used for wall covering.

The high variety of this product offers many options to customers and they can choose the desired product according to their taste.

Bricks are produced with solid, hollow, porous and perforated appearance.

Solid types have high resistance and are used to build load bearing walls. Hollow and perforated bricks have many holes, and porous bricks .

have pores and are produced by pressing. In terms of application, these elements are divided into types of facing bricks, engineering bricks and ordinary bricks.

Photo of types of bricks and their use in building
As its name suggests, brickwork is used for building facades. The method of making bricks is manual or machine. This type of brick is installed without coating.

Engineering brick is different from normal brick. The appearance of this brick is semi-transparent and its resistance is high due to its high density. High load bearing is one of the unique features of this type of bricks.