Green Figs Are Effective in Treating Constipation

In the long base form, one or more trunks of the tree are considered as main trunks.

In order to shape the tree into a long base, in addition to removing the extra stems, the main branches are pruned at a distance of 1 meter from the soil surface.

Each trunk has several branches as the main branch. Secondary branches originate from the main branches.

Pruning operation
Pruning is done in order to increase the yield, increase the size and quality of the fruit of the tree.

Green figs pruning is done every year, so it is also called annual pruning.

Removing dried branches, broken due to the wind, removing infected and diseased branches or trunks, and removing branches that have an angle of less than 45 degrees and are tangled are among the points that should be considered in pruning.


Fig tree protection against cold
As mentioned, newly planted fig tree seedlings are very sensitive to cold, so these young seedlings must be protected from the cold air, otherwise they will dry up and die due to frost.

To protect newly planted cuttings and seedlings from the cold, various devices can be used, such as wooden boxes, plastic fruit boxes, thick fabrics, stone tiles, and palm tree leaves. Strengthening seedlings and proper fertilization and timely watering are also effective in preventing fig trees from freezing.

One of the most important problems of most fig gardeners is the presence of weeds.

Weeds cause problems for the tree by consuming water and nutrients available to it.

In addition, weeds can poison tree roots by producing toxic substances. On the other hand, most of the grasses are spawning and growing places of many fig tree pests.

Therefore, the fight against weeds in fig gardens is very important.

Usually, the fight against weeds includes mechanical fight (by manual weeding or with tools such as axes and shovels and plowing, burning with fire) and chemical fight (by poisons and herbicides) is the best time to fight weeds from Ardibehesht.