Expensive Fence Barbed Wire in Russia

Walls are used in most cases in order for people to define the boundaries of their property and to prevent people and animals from entering their places of residence.

But sometimes fence barbed wire due to the large area of the land, using a wall for demarcation will not be cost-effective. In these cases, instead of a brick wall.

a fence is usually used to define the boundaries of the garden or agricultural land. This operation is called fencing and its cost is much lower than a brick wall, and in addition.

its height can be considered up to three meters. By fencing around the garden and agricultural land with a fence net, not only the entry .

of different people into the area but also the entry of animals is prevented. In this article, the intention is to teach how to fence with netting, while the advantages of this work are examined.

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How to implement garden fencing
Fencing is a method of providing safety for agricultural lands and gardens, which is done using fence nets and metal pipes. Here, the method of fencing is taught step by step.

Garden fencing training with fence netting
The first step is to calculate the exact size of the desired land or garden
Before starting the fence, it is necessary to calculate the exact area of the land. For this you need the length and width of the land to calculate its perimeter.

There are two ways to calculate the perimeter, one of them is to get the length and width of the land and add them all together.

For example, if the length of the land is 10 meters and its width is 5 meters, each land definitely has two lengths and two widths, so its perimeter is calculated in this way.

The second step is to determine the height of the fence
Well, here, in addition to the perimeter of the land, you must determine the height of the fence. Before determining the height you need to determine your goal for fencing.

Is fencing to prevent human entry? Is your land located in a crowded area? Is fencing to prevent the entry of animals and cattle? Are you planning to add barbed wire to your fence?