An Old Woman Made a Cake with Non Ionic Detergent

Nowadays, the use of chemicals in human life is unavoidable. Undoubtedly, the use of chemicals in many aspects of life and economic activities has brought important advantages and changed the quality of human life.


But the evidence and epidemiological studies indicate that the incorrect use of chemicals can be a problem for human health and the environment.

Indiscriminate use of chemicals and unsanitary disposal of waste materials resulting from them has caused damage to human health and even death, and unsafe use has caused chemical accidents in work environments and environmental disasters.

One of the products containing chemical substances are detergents, which have a wide range of substances based on the type of formulation and its purpose.

Various detergents that are regularly used at home and in other areas cause the loss of moisture and oil on the skin surface.

With the loss of these protective layers, the allergenic substances in the detergents penetrate into the deep layers of the skin and cause damage to the skin. These materials, in addition to zinc

It affects the skin, it can seriously damage the lungs and make breathing difficult. If the use of some detergents and other cosmetic products causes sensitivity, non-ionic detergent redness and itching on your skin, quickly wash the contact area with tap water for 2 minutes.

Symptoms of poisoning with acidic and alkaline detergents: If a child is poisoned by consuming liquids such as bleaches (such as Vitex) or ink salt, symptoms such as redness, flaking of the skin and swelling of the mouth and burning will develop in him.

The child’s tolerance is up to this point and he becomes restless.

جزئیات افزایش ۳۰ تا ۴۰ درصدی مواد شوینده - همشهری آنلاین

Improving poisoning with detergents: In poisoning and internal burns with acidic, alkaline and corrosive detergents, the most important issue for the doctor is to control the respiratory system and airways, because the possibility of burns of the airways is very high and burns in these areas cause swelling and in Because of that, the passage of air is narrowed and the patient will have symptoms of lack of oxygen in the body, in this situation, medical interventions will be more serious.

In such cases, an artificial tube is placed and breathing assistance is given to the person, and the only advice that can be given to families in case of burns with alkaline substances such as bleaches (Vitex, hydrogen peroxide, and acids) is that giving milk to the poisoned person can help.

In these poisonings, this drug cannot be used due to the non-absorption of substances by activated charcoal.