An Old Man Built a Boat with an Old Hollow Core Interior Door

Second step: For the color of the wooden of the room, immediately after the lining, you should cover the surface of the wood with sealer in hollow core interior door order to paint the wooden door correctly.

The sealer prevents the color from penetrating into the wood and before painting it should be applied to the wood by diluting the sealer with instant thinner and applying it to the surface of the wood with a brush.

Note that you should apply the sealer on the surface of the wood several times with an interval of less than half an hour and allow one to two hours for it to dry completely.

Step 3: After the sealer dries, due to the fact that the work surface becomes a little rough, you should perform sanding and polishing of the sealer. until the work surface is completely smooth and polished.


Step 4: After polishing or soaping the wood surface, you should use killer to cover the wood surface. Like sealer, killer is diluted by instant thinner and you can spray it on the work surface using a brush or a gun.

To change the color of the wooden door, you need to combine the killer with different instant colors to achieve the color theme you want.

Note that for painting with a brush, the killer must be a little thicker than the one you use to paint the wooden door with a gun, in order to properly paint the wooden door.

Final step: At this stage of painting the wooden door, we can use semi polyester instead of killer. The implementation of semi-polyester as the final color should be done with more precision and sensitivity.

The time interval of the first, second or third turns of polyester is very important.

In terms of quality, semi-polyester is much better than Keeler, and it is available in the market in two types, matte and glossy. You can also use thinner to dilute the semi polyester.

Finally, after the surface is completely dry, the work of painting the wooden door is finished, and finally, you can reach the final gloss and high quality with the appropriate skin and polish.