A Woman Killed her Husband With a Standing Desk in India

In most cases, the standing desk in india are taller than the height of the students and the person has to hold his hand up and bend over the desk to reach the desk.

Therefore, reforming the structure of school desks and chairs should be on the agenda of the authorities. Designs should be such that students do not have to change their body size.

We suggest that students take help from standing desks in the classroom and do not sit on regular benches. This will help increase their fitness and will affect their weight and height growth.

When they sit too much, they are not active and have They get fat during a research on the students who used these tables, we found interesting results that we will talk about later.

School benches

Do the school benches change?
Benefits of standing desks in school

Research shows that using standing desks in the classroom helps children maintain a balanced and healthy weight.

The height of standing desks helps students change their sedentary patterns at school and allows students to change their position between sitting on a bench or standing while working.

Researchers looked at third  and fourth graders at three Texas elementary schools and found that those who spent more time standing were thinner.

This result was achieved when standing desks were used instead of traditional and old classroom desks.

The healthy and balanced weight of these students was measured in a completely different way compared to adults. Because weight and height change .

during growth and puberty, doctors cannot accurately calculate a student’s body mass index (BMI). Instead, the researchers compared the body mass index of these students with other students of their same age and gender.