A Man Killed his Wife with a Diana Italian Marble in Bangalore

Both diana italian marble in bangalore are from the limestone family and each has its own characteristics; Being resistant to heat, suitable for high traffic areas.

having a unique beauty, etc. are some of the characteristics of these natural stones which, if used in the right environment, invite elegance and charm .

to the living space. In this article, we are going to examine the differences between marble and travertine so that you can make a better choice for your project or lifestyle needs.

Which stone is more beautiful? Travertine or marble?

Marble, which is known as marble in the world market, is a natural stone with a uniform color and sometimes with deep and endless dark and light streaks and undeniable beauty.

Marble is a hard and durable stone, which can be used in high traffic areas with proper processing. Marble in the form of tiles and slabs has many.

uses in interior decoration and its luxurious appearance is very exciting for designers and home owners.

Marble stone is uniform and polishable, and by processing and polishing, it is produced in a polished form with high gloss. Pure marble has a white and bright color.

but due to the presence of colored minerals, it has a wide range of colors.

If creating a magnificent, modern and luxurious space is your goal, marble is the right choice. This stone can appear very elegant and luxurious at the peak of its simplicity.

and its elegance and natural charm will become a lasting and always original feature in the architectural space.

Travertine stone is one of the oldest building materials in the world; The space built with travertine stone evokes a sense of antiquity and prestige.

Travertine naturally has a dominant energy that draws attention in a subtle and gentle way. You will usually find travertine stones in neutral and warm colors including walnut.

gold, beige, brown, red and peach; The colors and streaks ripple throughout the travertine stone with a hazy and moving effect and create unique and beautiful patterns.

One of the wonders of travertine is that, unlike most natural stones, the effects of weathering over time, not only does not reduce its beauty, but also gives it a distinctive and more attractive appearance.