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What is the method of maintaining natural leather? Can we prolong the beauty and life of leather goods? Humans have needed animals to meet many of their needs since the distant past. Among the most important needs are meat, skin, milk or animal horns.

Animal skin is used a lot, the most important of which is the production of natural leather. In fact, it can be said that the preparation of leather from animal skin has its roots in history.

At the beginning of the article on the method of maintaining natural leather, it is better to give a brief explanation about the types of natural leather.
Types of natural leather
Natural leather is divided into three categories.

Light leather
Leather made from goat, handmade leather shoes price in pakistan sheep and lamb skin is called light leather. This leather is soft and delicate and is used for making jackets, overcoats, etc.

Semi heavy leather
It is made from the skin of animals such as crocodile and ostrich. Unlike other leathers, this type of leather is very high quality and rare and has a high price. As a result, they use it to make luxury and expensive accessories.

Heavy leather
If you are looking for the best and highest quality natural leather that does not lose its beauty over time, we will introduce you to heavy leather. Leather made from the skin of camels, cows, buffaloes and the like and used for making bags and shoes.

Maintenance of natural leather
As we said, natural leather is made from animal skin and has high resistance to physical factors, weather conditions and all kinds of bacteria.

One of the special characteristics of natural leather is the passage of air through it, unlike synthetic and non-leather materials that prevent the passage of air.

Although natural leather is very resistant, its maintenance requires compliance with many points, if you do not comply, leather goods will soon lose their beauty and will not be usable.

In this article, we are going to talk about the method of maintaining leather shoes, which is the most popular natural leather product.

How to maintain natural leather shoes
Leather shoes, while being resistant, have a very beautiful appearance and complement a suitable outfit. If you take proper care of men’s and women’s leather shoes, even after they are old, they will still maintain their appearance and be usable.

“Many people believe that the appearance of shoes reflects the personality of its owner”.

Caring for leather shoes requires observing the points that increase the value and lifespan of the shoes. In the following, we will explain how to maintain natural leather shoes.