1 Kg Almond in Punjab Caused the Death of a Child

Almonds are the most popular fruit trees that have different varieties; It has a double-skinned fruit, the outer skin of which is green in color.

which is easily separated from the fruit of the plant when it is ripe.

after which the skin has a hardness like a stick, which breaks 1 kg almond in punjab easily with the pressure of the hand or any other tool. There is an almond kernel that is edible.

It grows as a short shrub in most areas and has a high nutritional value, which requires regular pruning and fertilization in order to grow in addition to regular watering and full sunlight.

It is resistant to cold and grows in most areas, some of these varieties are pollinated by themselves and some are pollinated along with other trees, which also have high productivity.


Complete plant specifications of the almond tree:
Almond is considered as one of the fruitful trees, whose fruit appears in the form of two shells, so that its outer shell is green, soft and fleshy, which cracks when it is ripe and is easily.

separated, after which the hard shell There is an almond kernel inside that is very tasty and has a hearty appetite that they use as snacks and nuts.

It has many properties and has a high nutritional value, although some varieties of almonds have a bitter taste, which are mostly used for medicinal and therapeutic purposes.

Almond fruit has an elongated, oval and somewhat round appearance. Note that the almond kernel also has a thin brown to yellow skin with a white fleshy part.

The fruit of this plant ripens at the end of the summer season in September.

although some of its early varieties ripen in the middle of the summer season. It has a deep root that penetrates the soil to a height of two to three meters.

It grows in most areas and is resistant to cold and heat and has pointed green leaves with fine cuts and grooves. Note that the young and unripe fruit of this plant in the early months of growth in the spring is also.